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Discover convenience and comfort with Monroe’s commuter bus line, making your commute hassle-free and efficient

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Monroe Bus Lines provides safe and comfortable bus services for Monroe. Take the pickup route to get across the city. Or take drop-off route to get from Monroe to Manhattan, Williamsburg, or Boro Park. Please ensure you have exact change before entering the bus or pre-purchase tickets online.

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Choose Monroe Bus Lines for your Monroe commutes and reach your destination feeling rested and relaxed. With clean, comfortable, and spacious interiors, you can unwind during your journey ( maybe even catch a nap), leaving the stress of traffic and parking to us. Whether you’re heading to work or visiting family, our punctual service streamlines your daily routine. Your safety is our #1 priority, and we ensure our drivers and buses are of the highest standards. Opt for Monroe Bus Lines, where convenience meets comfort in every mile of your Monroe travels.

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Bedford Ave Cor Wallabout st

(Only used by specific bus lines, refer to bus schedule)

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